Wu-Tao-Di (woo-dow-dee) Academy is something... different... from the average martial arts school or even Chinese Martial Arts school. It's a real Kwoon (dojo) with access to a Chinese Medicine clinic. It has a complete library* and offers courses in Chinese philosophy, metaphysics, martial arts (including secret arts like chin-na, and other far less known styles) from both Wudang and Shaolin temples, as well as the Chen village.


Wu-Tao-Di has forms, training techniques, archival information, Qigong regimens, and [most of] everything you could ever want to know about the Five Gentlemanly Arts, the Art of War, and far more... all presented to you in the style you are looking for. Are you a scholar? Or a warrior? Do you fancy yourself more like a knight? Or are you rather looking for a more alternative path, not knowing where to turn to start? Something comprehensive, complete, well-rounded and most of all: fun. A lifelong journey, where the tip of the iceberg turns out to be a snowflake atop a bottomless mountain.


Not everything in life is about how hard we can punch (or be punched), or how many kicks we can do... so why be pushed (or push your children) into styles/lineages which emphasize only destruction, memorization, and rigid, formal exercises and archaic power structures? Tough love is not necessarily the key to becoming tougher.


At Wu-Tao-Di, we believe the Way of Shaolin Gungfu (and all the related styles and arts) is about a complete education in martial arts. More to the point, training the body to be tougher without destroying its joints, tissues, and the Qi-body itself is as vital as full mental understanding of the arts and of Qi. The full scope of Chinese martial arts is therefore offered and the direction one chooses is guided, but still customized.


There are no other schools that can or do offer this. Nor will all applicants be accepted. If you're seeking to train for the cage, this is probably not the right school for you.** If you're looking to memorize 100 forms, it is also probably not for you. But if you're looking for health, longevity, purpose, and the power to not just protect yourself and your family but even grow your career and life, even achieve your Destiny (ming), then Wu-Tao-Di is for you.


*Library Access is only enabled for Beginners (Yellow Sash) and above.
**It isn't that we cannot train you. It is just very unlikely for a cage-fighter to dedicate himself or herself to a training so complete and so time-consuming that it will completely change them both internally and externally, to something beyond the ordinary cage-fighter. If you can make it to black sash, then we will talk.