Taiji Quan (T'ai Ch'i)

Taiji is meditation in motion; a deadly martial arts based on balance, grace, power, and subtlety. At Wu-Tao-Di we practice Yang, Chen, and Wudang styles, including various weapons like sword, fan, and staff. Though we focus on health, martial prowess is tantamount. Qigong lessons included.

Qi Gong & Yoga

Qigong or Qi skill, is the practice of cultivating Qi, as part of Yang Sheng - Nourishing Life. Hygenics, or Daoyin, as well as famous Qigong such as San Jiao, Taoist Hun Yuan, 8 Brocades, and Yijinjing (Chinese Yoga) are essential. At the higher levels, Neidan (inner alchemy) and Shen Gong is studied as well, to further enlightenment.


The study of Astrology, Feng Shui, Bazi (pillars of destiny), face-reading, crystals/gems, and more is for the purposes for aiding us to achieve our xing-ming. After all, what else could one but want if not to achieve the Meaning of Life? The Bao-Pu or Uncarved Block, it awaits you within. Can you chase it?

Bagua Zhang (Pa'Kua)

Bagua is like Taiji, but performed quickly, and in a circular fashion. Aside from the martial art, which has renowned longevity benefits, we also learn the Daoyin systems.  Once a student reaches the Intermediate and Disciple levels, they begin learning Xingyiquan (mind-form fist)

Chinese Medicine

Do you wish to learn the secrets of Qi, Essence, and Spirit? The channels, the 5 Elements, Yin & Yang: all of these are the basis of ancient wisdom that has brought vitality and longevity to traditional cultures like China and India. Come in and discuss our programs.

Bingfa (Arts of War)

Sunzi was one of the first, and certainly most famous of several authors of the Bingshu, or Military Method Texts. On top of the bingfa classes, we have more information on the much hidden Zonghengjia, or School of the Vertical and Horizontal. You will not find this knowledge in any  martial arts school within the entire USA.

Shaolin Gungfu

Beginning 1,500 years ago, Shaolin has become famous since for dedication, power, and legendary strength and history. Now, in the 20th Century, the styles and forms have become available for the whole world. What stops us is only the need for time and discipline. Come study the original MMA.

Taoist Philosophy

Daojia does not require Daojiao (religion) to have the benefits of longevity, wisdom, and happiness. "The Tao that can be named is not the true Tao" and "Practice non-doing" are fathomable, but deep concepts. We can help you to unravel the great Mystery. "Empty the mind, and fill the belly." 

Natural Studies

Beyond the in-kwoon studies, Wu-Tao-Di has a number of offerings in naturalism hikes, survival skills, and various outdoors information, such as wild-foods, herbalism, etc...

The most important thing in "Returning to Tao" is to become Natural.