Did you know you can hire or invite Shifu to teach or demonstrate? Check out the options:

  • NAILS(tm) Women's Self Defense

  • 5 Element Diet

  • Chinese Yoga, Qigong, and Neigong

  • Enhancing Your Martial Arts

  • Talks on health and longevity at your conference or meeting!

  • How to improve your Tai Chi, Bagua, or Xingyi instantly

  • Beautiful Fan, Sword, or other form demo

Here's a List of Upcoming events and Seminars on the schedule:

  • September 2018: Heaven & Earth Society EatnGreet TBD

  • November Feng-shui Hike: Clay Hill Memorial Forest

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This is Daoshi Nathan Glover, he will be teaching classes and providing authentic liturgical Taoist services starting soon! Find out more by reading here OR contact him directly:
at 859-382-2565 or

These and more events can be found on


Come visit me at a fair and get a free Sticking Hands lesson.