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Members/students of Wu-Tao-Di get TWO classes for free: Online Philosophy, and Martial Arts Philosophy (in class). Both count towards your transcript!

Update: Online class now available!

Sun Wu Kong, the stone monkey, is a metaphor for the alchemical transformation from an ignorant youth to a wise sage.

This page will provide news, as well as serve to talk about the Chinese Sciences, Philosophy & Metaphysics offered at Wu-Tao-Di.


Chinese astrology and geomancy has the same basic functions as western versions, with one bonus twist: the Chinese believe you can counter luck, chaos, and fate to enough of a degree that it will impact your Destiny, while in the west we think of Destiny and Fate as the same.


Take for example BaZi, the 8 characters or "4 Pillars of Destiny". By observing your chart you can quickly discern gaps in one's life and prepare for yearly and decades-long issues before they happen to you, making you ask: "why me!?"


These esoteric sciences are not matters of interior decoration, or where to buy real estate, but precise studies of things about your life which may impact your Karma greatly. That's why we study them!


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The Yijing (ee-jeeng) is an ancient text of the Changes which govern our reality in this Universe. That means two things: number one it behooves us to know the changes (yi) so that we may anticipate what's going on and about to happen. As well as be able to summon knowledge from within our deepest self - the unconscious and soul level - to gain reasonably objective information for our critical minds during impasses and difficult sittuations in our lives.


By tapping into the 8 laws - Bagua Dharma (a class is offered on these at Wu-Tao-Di) - we will be able to affect our Destiny and Karma directly, with much more precision than the passive methods of Astrology and Geomancy. With I Ching, King Wen was able to not only escape prison, but conquer all of China and start the 800 year Zhou dynasty which Confucius so pined for!


The original sciences of magik were used not for selfish reasons but to fight evil. Before you can perform magik, you have to be strong with the Force (Tao-Qi). That's where Alchemy comes in.


By teaching you and helping you get access to the documents you need to become fully empowered internally, we hope to help you along to recovering that which you were destined to have: full access to your senses and willpower. This is perfect for those who are already attuned but getting weaker, or receiving too much negative bions (energy) from clients, and want to restore their health fully.


We cannot promise telepathy or clairvoyance, but if you have those abilities latent within you, you owe it to yourself to enrich and empower yourself, and free your soul so that you can learn from the inner teacher God gave you!

This is a select program for Intermediates (purple sash) and above, not all applicants will be accepted.  BUT our Alchemist Cafe Group will be open to the public for general comraderie and discussions! Keep an eye out for announcements!

Ever desire to learn about crystals and aromatherapy, or even acupressure and reiki, but all you find are New Age fads, cults, and teachers who want to abuse your time and energy for their own egoistic purposes? Yeah, it's a common issue.


Now, instead of having to leave your tradition, you can simply: learn the Chinese Way. We have the textual access and LEGIT resources you need, and teachers to refer you to if you desire great amalgamized systems that you're already comfortable with. Why leave your new dao (path)? Don't divide your Qi, focus it. Hone in, and set your sights on the top of that Taishan (Highest mountain).


Speaking of odds & ends, how about rounding out your studies with a little Go, calligraphy, and textual study? We have ongoing research projects which you could spend your whole life on if you like... delving into history, philosophy, martial arts, Chinese culture, and by extension Japanese, Tibetan, Korean, and others, as well. And we're not opposed to those studying Ayurveda and the Vedas & Upanishads, or other systems, like Qabbalah, Druidism, Hermetics, Rosicrucianism, etc...


The Path is a profoundly individual experience, and is lonely enough: why not join others interested in the same things as you are?


Daojia (philosophy) and Daojiao (practices) are at the very heart of all Chinese Philosophy, and therefore at the heart of Wu-Tao-Di. Both the secular and the very religious, including Judeo-Christians, can be Taoist, too (without the pantheon of the religion). We do teach aspects of the religion where appropriate, for a completion of the culture, just as we teach mythic beasts, though they don't "exist".

Learn how to find the Force, join the Force, and become one with it!


Ruism (Confucianism) is also at the core of Chinese beliefs. It is the Tao of Humanism (Ren) and Righteousness (Yi). By learning from the people of Confucius' time and lineage, we grow as people, become more civilized, and more complete.


Buddhism, as it flourished in China and Tibet probably reached its zenith of understanding and following. The Chinese developed it to the very height of Buddha's intent. Not to worship him but free the mind of the shackles of suffering and ignorance, and find meaning and purpose - happiness - in helping other people. We respect all faiths at Wu-Tao-Di that are part of the World's Tree, and do not force any beliefs on anyone!


As part of our Go/Chess club and classes, we like to study all the bingshu, including an esoteric group of remaining texts from the "Wandering Persuaders" of the Zongheng (vertical and horizontal alliances school) and Master Mo.


Essentially, if it's an obscure, lost, or unfathomably deep text, we want to crack into it and get all the meaning out. 


Some of these texts, such as the Six Secret Teachings of the Taigong, were so obscure, and powerful, that the kings and rulers thought them dangerous enough to burn. So a good many of them were buried with their owners, and only later dug up. As such we have few left. But what we have recovered in the 20th Century has led to essentially a doubling of the knowledge that was available to the 19th century sinologists. 


Furthermore, at Wu-Tao-Di we are into science, and that means looking at things like how Dr. Joseph Needham saw them.


If you want deep understanding of the strands and sidepaths, come join us, and leave behind common/mass consciousness and its ridiculous superstitions (like calling wu wei "going with the flow".)


Article 3 "What’s a He 合 Point?" - "Normally a 合 ‘he’ (huh) point has been translated in modern times as a “sea” point, because of the progression of the five Jing points: well, spring, stream, river, and as expected sea. However, the Chinese word for sea is Hai 海" >>cont'd>>

Article 2 "The Real Meaning of Gongfu" - "
Most of what Americans know about the rest of the world is skewed by media and white-washing of history and culture from the outside world. This is no different when considering China and her imported treasures, including what has commonly come to be called Kung Fu." >>cont'd>>

Article 1 "Wu-Xing Research" - "The Wu-Tao-Di Academy is all about promoting actual scholarship and learning. To start off this series, I’d like to discuss the Chinese concept of “elements,” itself a poor choice of translation and for conveying the meaning. If I can point you to more information, I will." >>cont'd>>